How to design a room with Egyptian style

Design a room with an Egyptian theme to add style and drama to your room. Opulent and relaxing if planned well, your room Egyptian style can give you a sense of moving from house to an exotic location without having to pack a suitcase. With nuances in shades of precious stones and gold accents, mummies, palm leaves and some added touches, your room will become a not so hidden treasure in no time.


  1. Plan your room. Browse books and watch photos of Egyptian tombs, museum displays or room already created with Egyptian style. Decide what items you want to include in your decor to suit your decorating budget. Collect the items you want to expose as statues, a canopy bed or any specific device you want to use. Then separate them. Determines a paint scheme to supplement the elements that you will use, and how much room will paint again.
  2. Paint the areas you’ve decided with Egyptian-style colors. Some starting points would consider painting the edges of black and off the walls of a deep golden hue. You can add accents in shades of jewelry or perhaps they can make a design with some Egyptian style motifs on the walls so that combined with the overall theme.
  3. Dress the bed with new bedding. If you use a spot color in a tone that fits the theme, such as gold or copper, using pillows in contrasting ranges. The canopy should be combined with some of the pillows to add consistency. Hang the net or the net once the bed is finished.
  4. Place the statues, the decorated wall and potted palms with or without them, around the room. Hang scarves or spreads extra pillows placed in different areas to add color to the subject.
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