How to decorate the bathroom according to Feng Shui

Following the principles of Fang Shui, your bathroom can be much more than a functional space can become a sanctuary for escape and rejuvenation. The Fang Shui energy balances with colored, light and reflection in order to create a bathroom that promotes good health and good fortune. Your bathroom should reflect mainly the qualities of yin related to peace and retirement.

Instructions : 

  1. Place towels, soaps, shower curtains and decorative accessories soft green forest. Most bathrooms are white or another light color. This inherent end balances light green tones that are in the forest.
    Be careful if your bathroom is located in the southeast quadrant of the home because that is the sector of luck and prosperity. Always keep the door and the toilet lid closed when not in use.
  2. Place an odd number of green plants in the bathroom. The odd numbers are lucky numbers in Fang Shui.
  3. The peace lily gently ionizes the space it occupies. Three of these plants are accessories full of fortune. If your bathroom is dark and damp, hanging ferns, which thrive in dark, moist environments?
  4. It reflects the negative energy. If you have a bathroom near the entrance of the home or in the view of the kitchen, always keep the door closed. Place a mirror near the door or in the kitchen to reflect out any negative influence. A bathroom near the entrance of your house indicates missed opportunities. The bathrooms near the kitchen may be associated with health problems.
  5. Fix leaky faucets. Water dripping drags the “shut” (slang expression meaning “money”) of Fang Shui. Leaky the faucets drag to draw your energy and money.
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