Types of Garden Fences

Residential and commercial areas with garden often need fences to protect them. In addition, the fence can mark boundaries of a front garden or rear, and also contain gardens, animals, important property and toddlers. Depending on the location and type of residential or commercial property, the type of fence can be better than another for your garden.

Wood Fences

Manufacturers of wooden fences use trees as red cedar, cypress or treated pine. Wooden fences can withstand the elements while providing attractive limits on the houses and gardens. There are four common styles. A private garden fence ensures providing seclusion from other houses and protection against the weather. A picket fence is a small wooden fence usually placed in the front garden, providing an enclosure for gardens. A purse division is popular in barns, farms and other rural outdoor areas. Poles and fences are similar to the fences and divisions that have two, three or four rails as sawn boards between posts.

Wire fences

Wire fences are built with galvanized or vinyl coated metal. The fences are maintenance free and provide protection for homes and commercial and industrial properties. Depending on the house or building, you can make a wire fence of any height for better security and put at the top of razor wire or barbed.

Synthetic Fences

Synthetic fences are using synthetic plastics, vinyl or construction nylon. The fence is popular in residential areas, corrals and horse racing tracks. Synthetic fences are available in a variety of ways, including fences with stakes, woven baskets and shadow boxes. They come in virtually any color, most notably white. Easy to maintain, most synthetic fences resist the effects of weather and can be rinsed or cleaned.

Iron fences

Iron fences are constructed of wrought iron made of steel pipes. Wrought iron fences are extremely durable and easy to paint. Wrought iron fences provide a boundary between the front and back garden of a house. Commonly are between 4 (121.92 cm) and 6 feet (182.88 cm) tall and include features like an automatic gate or door opener and rigid iron posts. Aluminum fences are an alternative to iron fences, being cheaper to build and equally durable.